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                Christophe Pillet的Nouvelle Vague椅

                字號+ 發布者:3d3d 來源:工業設計.中國 2007-12-24 [在線反饋] 我要評論

                Christophe Pillet設計的Nouvelle Vague椅,簡潔幹凈的ω設計,打開的S形狀體現出本質的形體。Neat and clean designs for the chaise longue by Christophe Pillet: an open “S”, with an essential form. A light

                Christophe Pillet設計的Nouvelle Vague椅,簡潔幹凈的設計,打開的S形狀體現出本質的形體。T09大灣區工業設□ 計網

                Neat and clean designs for the chaise longue by Christophe Pillet: an open “S”, with an essential form. A light line that is imposed in the space through its great expressive power. Perfect for the day zone and also for the night zone, the chair is completed by an oval footrest that gives you the possibility of a more relaxing position, which can also stand alone as a pouf. Perfect too for external environments, Nouvelle Vague is available in the polished colours chalk white, black and china red in the sample collection.T09大灣區¤工業設計網




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